Sunday, August 29, 2010

How To Prevent Right Click on Your Blog

You can set your blog to prevent from right click, to set right click on your blog make your blogpost can be print or share to other site just using by right click on your mouse or using menu right click on your keyboard if you using laptop.

Unfortunately this function can't work for all browser, you can set this menu just for your visitor that use internet explorer and firefox to browse internet.

To set your blog just go to your blog setting and then edit HTML code on your blog or if you use blogger just go to Design menu then chose template. From here you can see html code of your blog. Go to the body text, find out the "<body>" code and change with this code: "<body oncontextmenu="return false;">"

After you save the inserting code on your html code you can't right click again on all of your blog post articles.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to make Table Form in Words

Filling form in word can be created by using of form tool bar in words. This form is used make a limited to the reader so that they just can fill on the provided field, but can change others. To get this menu click on View menu then choose Toolbars then click Forms, you will got a new toolbar like this one:

For example you’d like to create a form like the below table, the reader just can fill under the description title but can’t change other word, on the subject Gender, reader just can choose the option available but can’t write, the same way on the subject of Last Education and Marry Status.

How to create that form, follow the instruction below:

After you have the toolbar form, as usual you creat a blank table like the above example. Write all the menu under subject title but lets empty under Description. To create a filling field click under description column head, beside Name, then click abç on the form toolbar, so you will get a block field. Do the same for field beside Date of Birth, City of Birth, Address and Work experience.

Beside gender field, click Drop Down Form Field menu then double click on the block field just created, and you will get this window pop up.

Write the option name on Drop-down item then click Add button, after all option menu have been added, then click OK button. Do the same for beside of field Last Education and Marry Status

If you have create all the option and field you must activate this form, to activate then just click on the Protect Form menu on form tool bar. After that you can hide again by remove the check point on the form tool bar by clicking on view menu – toolbars – forms.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shortcut on Run Windows Menu

If your computer still set up normally you can open this run menu on click start menu and choose run, or just click R. There is blank box you can fill on it with many kind of windows shortcut like as follows:
  • cmd : to open DOS command window
  • regedit : to open registry editor window
  • msconfig : to open window System Configuration Utility for example to stop functioning of start up function that don’t needed.
  • dxdiag :to open window DirectX Diagnostic Tool that able to see information system.
  • gp.msc : to open Group Policy menu, for example to stop functioning of Autorun function.
  • service.msc : to see of many kind of service that are running.
  • ping "ip" : sending ping to the network, and network will response back called as “pong”
  • devmgmt.msc : to open device management window
  • prefetch : to see prefecth
  • tracert "url" : to see or trace route of URL address goal starting from our computer IP.
  • logoff : to-logoff
  • shutdown : for shutdown
  • recent : to see of recent document, need to be delete if important
  • taskmgr : to open task manager menu
  • magnify : to open magnify Windows
  • utilman : to open Utility Manager
  • clpbrd : to see clipboard
  • calc : to open original calculator
  • mspaint : to open MS Paint
  • notepad : to open notepad
  • spider : to open spider game
  • freecell : to run FreeCell game
  • sol : to run solitaire game
Last Post: Wonderware Magazine Reader's Choice Awards

Wonderware Magazine Reader's Choice Awards

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Feb. 12: Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, today announced that Control magazine readers have awarded Wonderware first place in the HMI Software category. Wonderware also tied for first in the SCADA Software category. This is the 12th year that Wonderware has received "Readers' Choice Awards" from Control magazine in these two categories.

In the annual reader survey, Wonderware's InTouch HMI software product was selected as the most popular application for industrial automation, process control and supervisory monitoring. InTouch software is in worldwide use in a variety of industries including food processing, oil and gas, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, transportation and power utilities. Wonderware software is used in over 100,000 plants with over 400,000 active software licenses.

"The Control 'Readers' Choice Award' ranks the opinions of process control professionals assessing the industry's best technology offerings," said Walt Boyes, editor-in-chief of Control magazine. "The magazine's readers are asked to select those technologies that have best met their needs in manufacturing and industrial process industries. Wonderware was again ranked as the best provider of HMI and SCADA applications offering the best value and quality that meet customer application needs."

In addition, Wonderware was ranked second in the data acquisition category and was recognized as a vendor providing outstanding service and support for data acquisition systems. The "Exceptional Service" recognition was based on reader feedback evaluating the customer service performance of their favored technology providers.

The selection of this year's Control Readers' Choice Awards was based on magazine readership representing a wide variety of industries such as chemical, food and beverage, petroleum refining, pulp and paper and metals production. More than 700 automation professionals holding positions in engineering plant operations, research and development, and administration responded to the survey.

"Being recognized by Control magazine readers affirms Wonderware's focus on providing the most productive software applications and outstanding customer support," said Mark Davidson, global vice president of marketing. "Wonderware will continue to raise the bar for ease of use with innovative product development focused on addressing real-world customer challenges."