Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to make Table Form in Words

Filling form in word can be created by using of form tool bar in words. This form is used make a limited to the reader so that they just can fill on the provided field, but can change others. To get this menu click on View menu then choose Toolbars then click Forms, you will got a new toolbar like this one:

For example you’d like to create a form like the below table, the reader just can fill under the description title but can’t change other word, on the subject Gender, reader just can choose the option available but can’t write, the same way on the subject of Last Education and Marry Status.

How to create that form, follow the instruction below:

After you have the toolbar form, as usual you creat a blank table like the above example. Write all the menu under subject title but lets empty under Description. To create a filling field click under description column head, beside Name, then click abç on the form toolbar, so you will get a block field. Do the same for field beside Date of Birth, City of Birth, Address and Work experience.

Beside gender field, click Drop Down Form Field menu then double click on the block field just created, and you will get this window pop up.

Write the option name on Drop-down item then click Add button, after all option menu have been added, then click OK button. Do the same for beside of field Last Education and Marry Status

If you have create all the option and field you must activate this form, to activate then just click on the Protect Form menu on form tool bar. After that you can hide again by remove the check point on the form tool bar by clicking on view menu – toolbars – forms.

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