Friday, September 1, 2017

Sound Driver in Laptop Acer Aspire 4315

Install Windows XP

To install windows XP on Laptop Acer Aspire 4315 sometimes get problem, after all windows program install in this laptop then we install driver for this laptop like for networking, driver for VGA graphic and driver for sound card.

Actually this laptop is recommended to install Windows Vista, because the driver itself is Vista compatible. When we try to install others Windows program the some driver are not run well.
The first time I install Windows XP Packed 3 and sound is run well, after I install office 2003 then I just realize that the speech program in the windows don’t appear, so the speech program in the office can’t running. When I open the control panel and look to the system device, there is a problem on PCI bus, this is one of the sound card components, the driver of this device is not installing perfectly.

When Install again a sound card driver is not overcomes the problem, then I decided to remove Windows again. Then install again windows XP packed 3, but the problem is more serious, even there is no sound after sound driver installs.

We can’t uninstall soundcard driver from sound device, to uninstall this driver should follow the procedure below:

We can’t remove or update the Realtek HD Audio device from the device manager.
If you have previous installation of the Realtek HD Audio driver then uninstall it first.
Open control panel, then Add/Remove programs, click on Realtek High Definition Audio driver and click remove button.

Install Sound Driver

After uninstalling the Realtek High Definition audio driver, Open the Device Manager and look for the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio, Disable it and then remove. You will not be able to remove this device if you will not going to disable it first.

After you uninstall this Realtek High Definition Audio driver, install again the Realtek High Definition Audio driver from other resources like from Asus Motherboard resources CD, or other version of Realtek High Definition in Audio driver. If your driver is compatible with your windows XP, usually your soundcard will run.

For activated speech function, you may install update your windows XP packed with new version like Windows XP 2. After your windows install for update usually speech function will run normal.