Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shortcut on Run Windows Menu

If your computer still set up normally you can open this run menu on click start menu and choose run, or just click R. There is blank box you can fill on it with many kind of windows shortcut like as follows:
  • cmd : to open DOS command window
  • regedit : to open registry editor window
  • msconfig : to open window System Configuration Utility for example to stop functioning of start up function that don’t needed.
  • dxdiag :to open window DirectX Diagnostic Tool that able to see information system.
  • gp.msc : to open Group Policy menu, for example to stop functioning of Autorun function.
  • service.msc : to see of many kind of service that are running.
  • ping "ip" : sending ping to the network, and network will response back called as “pong”
  • devmgmt.msc : to open device management window
  • prefetch : to see prefecth
  • tracert "url" : to see or trace route of URL address goal starting from our computer IP.
  • logoff : to-logoff
  • shutdown : for shutdown
  • recent : to see of recent document, need to be delete if important
  • taskmgr : to open task manager menu
  • magnify : to open magnify Windows
  • utilman : to open Utility Manager
  • clpbrd : to see clipboard
  • calc : to open original calculator
  • mspaint : to open MS Paint
  • notepad : to open notepad
  • spider : to open spider game
  • freecell : to run FreeCell game
  • sol : to run solitaire game
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