Sunday, August 29, 2010

How To Prevent Right Click on Your Blog

You can set your blog to prevent from right click, to set right click on your blog make your blogpost can be print or share to other site just using by right click on your mouse or using menu right click on your keyboard if you using laptop.

Unfortunately this function can't work for all browser, you can set this menu just for your visitor that use internet explorer and firefox to browse internet.

To set your blog just go to your blog setting and then edit HTML code on your blog or if you use blogger just go to Design menu then chose template. From here you can see html code of your blog. Go to the body text, find out the "<body>" code and change with this code: "<body oncontextmenu="return false;">"

After you save the inserting code on your html code you can't right click again on all of your blog post articles.