Saturday, November 6, 2010

Simple Way to Restore Missing Firefox Toolbars

One day you may have a big problem and feel frustrations when get a program set up the way I like and then it breaks. This was the recent case with Firefox 2.0. I started the browser only to see that one of my toolbars was blank. You could see Firefox had allocated the space, but there were no toolbar buttons. Fortunately, Firefox has a quick fix for missing tool bars.This menu actually can be hide by click on the view menu and choose toolbar then check off all the toolbar menu, then you will lost your menu bar on firefox.

I tried toggling the toolbar on and off in the View menu. To rebooted your computer as that often clears many types of problems. Regardless of what you tried, Firefox toolbar was still blank as the screen snap below shows. When the usual measures didn’t work, actually you can run firefox in safemode.

"Safe mode" is a phrase you hear with many software programs or operating systems. The problem is the name isn’t accurate. It leads some people to think that “safe mode” is some way to run an application in a secure mode and free from vulnerabilities. Not true.

Instead, safe mode is a way to start a program without all the bells and whistles. For Firefox, the program will load without your extensions, toolbars, and other preferences. In essence, you’re safe guarding Firefox from all the extraneous items we like to add which can cause problems.

But avoid of all above way to resolve the problem, I have a simple solution to overcome this problem:
  1. Open your firefox browser as usual.
  2. Click “Alt” button together with “V” then will view on the screen like this one:
  3.  Then you can set on view menu click toolbar button and choose what you want to merge like “menubar” and “Navigation button”.