Thursday, December 9, 2010

InfoPath Use

People seldom to use of InfoPath, because this feature is new in Microsoft office, and not simple on using. InfoPath offer two separate modes that are tailored to two distinct tasks filling out forms and designing forms. Some users might only use InfoPath to fill out forms, such as Status Report forms for their manager.

Form designers can also use InfoPath to customize sample forms or design new forms to meet specific company.

To learn more about InfoPath, choose form on the list. At the end of each section, you will be returned to this menu.

1. Filling out forms
2. Designing forms
3. Additional resources

Adding optional information

Depending on their design, you can customize forms that you fill out by inserting optional sections – areas included with the form that aren’t shown by default.

For example, in the Status Report form, salaried employees may fill out just the basic parts of the form, whereas hourly employees might include an optional. Time Report section as part of their report.