Sunday, January 16, 2011

VGA Card For Game Computer

What are the best VGA for game in computer? This depend on the need, so to choose VGA Card for game in computer depend on what the game will play. Currently technology have develop very fast, one of this development is the development on VGA card or graphic card.

VGA card type fx5200 ultra have the specification for cpu amd sempron 2800, memory 512 mb, and mainboard ecs nforce3, this type possible to play in low class and middle class. Using this type we can play game computer like PES 2009, Call of Duty, Far cry, half life2 etc. So if you want to play the game like the mentioned you don’t need wasting money and don’t need to build a special computer because this game have covered by using the available computer generally.

If you want to play the game like Devil May Cry4, COD4, PES 2010, and GTA4, you can’t use usual computer. I recommend to use processor amd athlon x2, memory 2 GB and use newest chipset mainboard like amd 769, and don’t forget to use newest VGA card also or minimum you can buy fx8800 or fx8600.

So all needed are depend on the game you want to play. I just advise don’t wasting money just use for play a computer game. Use the right purpose will you more efficient on choosing computer hardware. Have a nice try…