Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Import Image

You can import an image into the brochure and shape it with Interactive Envelope tool to fit the image on the cover of the white book.
  • Click File menu, Import.
  • From the Files Of Type list box, choose CDR - CorelDRAW.
  • From the Look In list box, navigate to the Program Files/Corel/Graphics10/Tutors/Draw/Html_docs/htmlpics directory.
  • Choose surfer.cdr, and click the Import button.
  • Click the Import Placement Start Cursor on the white book cover to place the image. Use to size and position the top left corner of an image at an exact location in the drawing. Place the cursor anywhere in the Drawing Window to help you align and position objects.
  • Click the Pick tool.
  • Drag the surfer to position it so that if fits inside the white book cover.
  • Open the Interactive Tools flyout, and click the Interactive Envelope tool.
    Opens the Interactive Tool flyout, which contains the Blend tool, Distortion tool, Envelope tool, Extrude tool, Drop Shadow tool, and Contour tool.
    Lets you apply envelopes to objects by dragging special nodes or by applying preset envelopes.
  • Click the surfer.
  • On the Property Bar, click the Envelope Unconstrained Mode button.
    Lets you shape an envelope. You can move envelope nodes freely and use control points to make precise adjustments.
  • Drag the nodes of the envelope until the surfer fits on the book cover and looks the way you want.
  • Click the Pick tool.
  • Hold down SHIFT, and click the surfer and one of the books.
  • On the Property Bar, click the Group button.

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