Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Distorted Polygon

You can duplicate the distorted polygon, resize it, and then blend the two polygons together.

  • Click Edit menu, Copy.
  • Click Edit menu, Paste.
  • Hold down SHIFT, and drag a corner sizing handle toward the center of the object. Release the mouse button when the polygon is about half its original size, and release the SHIFT key.
  • Open the Interactive Tools flyout, and click the Interactive Blend tool.
  • Opens the Interactive Tool flyout, which contains the Blend tool, Distortion tool, Envelope tool, Extrude tool, Drop Shadow tool, and Contour tool. Lets you blend two objects by dragging the mouse from one object to the other.
  • Click the middle of the smaller polygon, and drag downward until the handle disappears.

Swirl and Place Object
You can change the size of the swirl and place it under the globe.

  • Click here to preview how the globe with the swirl should look.
  • Click the Pick tool.
  • Click the swirl object.
  • In the Object(s) Size Width box on the Property Bar, type 2.294.
  • In the Object(s) Size Height box, type 0.684
  • Press ENTER to display the effect.
  • Click Arrange menu, Order, To Back.
  • Drag the swirl under the globe.
  • Marquee-select both the globe and the swirl, and choose Arrange, Group.
  • Click Edit Menu, Copy.
  • Click Window menu, and choose the window that contains the brochure.
  • Click Edit menu, Paste.
  • Drag to position the globe in the center of the drawing.

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