Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Email Etiquette

  1. Think twice about: Thinking twice if will send to All.
  2. Solid and Brief.
    Every person who accept will be able to print in just one page.
  3. Check the mistake.
    Needn't wasting time play around with checking by spelling, punctuation and grammar, but clear mistake check. Use the spell checker if any.
  4. Write The Consignor Name. No one will remember this email address like Warrier@Aol.Com. It is better if writing down name by the end of paragraph. To facilitate to make the signature of email so that will automatically figured in email underside
    The standard is:
    Greeting / yours faithfully,
    Name / Full Name
    E-Mail Address
  5. If replay the email, complete with email content received, completed with your comment. (Use the command REPLY which usually automatically will figure in.
  6. Fill the Subject correctly. Here also suitable to fill with “Urgent” if the message is Urgent
  7. Use the word To or Dear Sirs, This important for multiply email address which you to represent the address with
  8. Good Attachments, limit maximum attachment of about 100 kb if possible. Or make link with the file if there is at everyone folder.
  9. Use * instead of italics. Example: I estimate have meeting on * Monday*. This will be better to emphasis sign compared to block letters.
  10. Don’t use block all letters. Seen to be like screaming
  11. Good example: Don’t Push the red button. IT MIGHT EXPLODE