Sunday, March 30, 2008

Adsense In Google Page

To resume our blog we can use google creator, this a free web that is provided by Google. In order able to create this page in google page we must sign in into Google Page or click this link Google Page Creator, or search in Google, google page. Then google will ask your google account, if you don't yet have, you must make account in google first, with clicking sign up. With one account we own in Google, we can use our account to activate the Email Gmail, Create Blog in Blogger dot com, create google page; or for the sign of up google Adwords.

With just one account, we can have assorted use in this google, with the one account we can make a lot of address Blog, address of Google Page. After we have the Blogs in English for example we can register our blog to be attached the advertisement by Google Adsense. Website in this Google Page also can be attached Adsense advertisement as on my Google Page, for example in Blog Resume, Music and Health Animlas and in Blog Resume2. Even this google page [is] we can embrace all our blogs by using Widget that provided by this google page, but the exist URL address in the Widget changed to our feed Blogs. Easy and precisely feed address by try to create using one of Widget Feed available, then we copy or enter our feed address, every blog feed address just different in URL address.

If we have come too far unintentionally to create our web, we still able to alter again by clicking to edit HTML that is available in the bottom of every page, and from here we can add the code of Adsense, which want be peeped out here. To earn the exit of our news of our blogs or articles, set the feed at your Blog to full or short, but better just short because if full others can easily earn your new blog post without having to make the blog, because all atikel which be posted will automatically loaded fully the their blog or website of someone who take the feed address from your blog.

Or you can copy this HTML code and then modified by your self and paste this code in HTML Edit on your Google Page.