Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update Windows 7

Windows product always changes and improve by the time, as a result our software are not up to date every time any changes on the windows product or component. The changes on the windows component can affected to access some feature on the internet, or even protection from new kind of viruses. Because of this reason your windows need to update from the internet.

For new windows like windows 7 and Windows Vista users don't need to sign up for microsoft update, account will automatically reated by Microsoft while you registration and Windows update will automatically installed on your computer as default setting, but you can change this setting if you want.

If you do not select recommended automatically updating option you must download and install every critical update. If you download the update feature and forgot to install them, your computer will not be protected with the latest enhancement.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Automatic Calculation

Using automatic calculation can be calculated the Jakarta this year will have travelers out of Jakarta about 2 million peoples. This mean that Jakarta will loose their force to Jakarta earth about 80,000 tons total weight of people leave from Jakarta, add with the vehicle weight out of Jakarta about 50,000 tons, so the total force loose from Jakarta earth about 130,000 tons.

The prediction will calculate roughly that north sea of Jakarta will recede because of lessen the force to the earth make the Jakarta earth will rise and huge of people will not through water into the river everyday. This prediction is calculated based on the Joke Program.

Monday, July 16, 2012

How to differ Original Windows

If you use windows you and use internet connection, you will ask through the internet if your windows really original. For using windows 7 or above you will ask through the internet and to fill your product ID. Other ID will merge automatically if your windows is original. Don't forget after your original windows is installed into your computer you must register your windows online, means that you must connected with internet. After installed you just have 2 weeks after installed, if you forget to register your windows that windows will claim that your product is not original anymore. After your register online you will get stamp original online from Microsoft such as below picture.

To see this stamp on your computer, you can check directly or register your windows from here: click Start menu then right click on Computer and you can see many thing there and if you don't register yet you can click register online. And after register you just see as on the below picture, you will not see sentence register online anymore.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Email Viruses

There are several kind of email viruses. Virus FedEx often attack Yahoo email through packed item that they offer through yahoo email user. User will not suspicious because FedEx is a well-known packet sender. Through their letter they will write with a wrong spell like as follows:

“The parcel was sent to your home adress, and it will arrive within 5 buisness days. More information and the parcel tracking number are attached in document below.

Thank you,
Federal Express Canada Ltd and FedEx All right reversed. @1955-2011 FedEx”
  1. There are two wrong spelling on the letter, adress and buisness, it should be address and business.
  2. Email was sent to but can be reached me or you, so this email sometimes include on spam message.
  3. If this file be download the attachment that contain FadEx there is message from Norton antivirus that indicate the file contain virus.
To you that receive email from FedEx should beware of unfriendly email. Some people have tried to download this file but contain Trojan Virus, and more dangerous if contain Malware virus or Spy virus that can

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Computer Virus Company

Computer virus have been released first time in January 1986. This virus attach to the boot sector of storage media formated with the DOS file allocation table or FAT file system. This virus can make a program that shows other location of boot sector on a floppy disk with a copy of virus. The boot sector then marked as a bad infected disks usually have five kilobytes of a bad sectors.

At that time the virus programmer is want to be famous like music or film stars, they are not conceal their identity. Every time the virus infected to the computer or disk, they will give a message that show their identity even their address or phone number.

For example the message of computer that infected by a virus came complete with the brothers' address and three phone numbers, and a message that told the user that their machine was infected and to call them for inoculation.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Computer Viruses and Computer Worm

There are two kind of microbe for computer, soft microbe and hard microbe. Soft microbe mean microbe made by human this is a software able to make program damage, but hard microbe is a dirt that can make damage of all your computer parts.

Computer Viruses
A virus is a self-replicating program that spreads by inserting copies of itself into programs or documents that already exist on a computer. The name comes from an analogy with biological viruses. These cannot reproduce by themselves but make use of the functions of infected cells to spread. Similarly, a computer virus makes use of the executable code in legitimate programs to carry out its purposes. A virus may be designed to be destructive to a system or to be a prank. In either case, the virus will rapidly reproduce itself until the system may be overwhelmed. Viruses spread to other systems when infected programs are copied to another machine. Documents with executable code like Word macros can also be vectors of infection. A very common method of spreading viruses is by attachments to email . Today a variant of a virus known as a worm is more often used.

Computer Worms
Viruses and worms are often lumped together in the single category of virus but there is technical distinction. A worm differs from a virus in that it contains all the code it needs to carry out its purposes and does not depend on using other programs. Most recent instances of malware have been worms, spread primarily by email. Worms are designed to replicate rapidly and to use the Internet or other networks to spread with great facility. They may contain code to damage or erase files or may carry other malicious payloads. On a number of occasions, large numbers of computer systems have been brought down by worms. In addition to the damage from whatever payload they carry, the sheer number of worm copies can bring systems to a halt.

A very common method of spreading is by use of any email addresses on an infected computer. The worm searches address books, temporary Internet caches and other possible sources of email addresses. The worm then mails out random infected fake messages. It may use the addresses it finds not only as recipients but also may spoof mail to show them as senders. It may also combine random pieces of addresses into new fake addresses. All the messages will contain an attachment that is infected. None of this activity may be known by the owner of the infected machine and may go on for weeks or months. A single infected machine can send out thousands of worm-carrying messages.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys and Mouse Keys

To press shift button five times usually your computer will deactivate of sticky Keys. What the sticky keys, here is the description.

Sticky Keys is a keyboard feature that enables you to press a modifier key (CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT), or the Windows logo key, and have it remain active until a non-modifier key is pressed. This is useful for people who have difficulty pressing two keys simultaneously.

A feature that sets your keyboard to beep when one of the locking keys (CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, or SCROLL LOCK) is turned on or off.

A keyboard feature that instructs your keyboard to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes. You can also adjust the keyboard repeat rate, which is the rate at which a key repeats when you hold it down

A keyboard feature that enables you to use the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer and to click, double-click, and drag.

Stop error
A serious error that affects the operating system and that could place data at risk. The operating system generates an obvious message, a screen with the Stop error, rather than continuing on and possibly corrupting data. Stop error is also called a fatal system error.

To turn on StickyKeys
StickyKeys is designed for people who have difficulty holding down two or more keys simultaneously. When a shortcut requires a key combination, such as CTRL+P, StickyKeys will enable you to press a modifier key (CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT), or the Windows logo key ( ), and have it remain active until another key is pressed.
  • Open Accessibility Options.
  • On the Keyboard tab, under StickyKeys, select the Use StickyKeys check box.

To turn off StickyKeys, clear the Use StickyKeys check box.

To open Accessibility Options, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Accessibility Options.
If the Use shortcut check box in the Settings for StickyKeys dialog box is selected, you can turn StickyKeys on or off by pressing the SHIFT key five times.

For more information on changing StickyKeys options, click Related Topics.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

HTML 8 and Windows 8

Games that was built in 2010 by Russian developers, Zeptolab and published by Chillingo. The game is aimed at casual gamers who tells the green monster who is very fond of candy d nastar. Duty gamers just feed the monster green with candy and the star, by cutting the rope that binds candy. Three stars and candy will go into a green monster's mouth. That's where gamers get points.

Cut The Rope game does have a concept similar to Angry Birds. Available in 25 levels, this game can be addictive because the graphics are adorable and the concept of his game is simple but interesting. In 2011, Cut The Rope occupy position 9 of the 10 best games of Android. While at Apple Apps Store, this game has been downloaded 3 million times. Because of his success in 2011, this game has a sequel, namely Cut The Rope: experiments, game developers published by his own, still in the mobile application platform.

The team of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Zeptolab (game developers) as well as specialists from Pixel Lab team then work together to bring this game to the browser platform. The team performed a ported version of the IOS and conduct extensive investigations to Objective-C code base. From IOS version there are 15 thousand lines of code for the physical, animation, and drawing machine. To port Objective-C to Java Script, the team needs a port code from the OpenGL graphics API to the HTML5 Canvas. The result, gaming Cut The Rope appear in the graph canvas is softer, with clearer audio and a larger screen. Desktop version of the game's official browser release in January 2012.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Nick D’Aloisio Create Web Summarize Application

A young application creator from British, Nick D'Aloisio 16 years old, get infestation cost for about US $ 250 thousand or about Rp. 2.7 billion. This infestation cost get from Li-Ka-Shing, one the richest man on the world from China. Li Ka-Shing do this infestation through Harizons Ventures.

Application that Nick D'Aloisio is called as Summly, this application can summarize the web content through artificial intelligent. Web browser can knows the web content what information that they can get before they visit this web. At this time Summly is available for IOS in Apple application store, but Nick plan to develop to the Android platform.

Summly application available in several language, mainly, summly optimize for web content in English, French, Dutch, Italy, Spain, Finland and Sweden.

This kind of information may have been summarize in twitter link or Google preview, but they don’t tell about the web content. By using Summly web visitor will know the main summarize of web page that they will visit.