Sunday, January 22, 2012

HTML 8 and Windows 8

Games that was built in 2010 by Russian developers, Zeptolab and published by Chillingo. The game is aimed at casual gamers who tells the green monster who is very fond of candy d nastar. Duty gamers just feed the monster green with candy and the star, by cutting the rope that binds candy. Three stars and candy will go into a green monster's mouth. That's where gamers get points.

Cut The Rope game does have a concept similar to Angry Birds. Available in 25 levels, this game can be addictive because the graphics are adorable and the concept of his game is simple but interesting. In 2011, Cut The Rope occupy position 9 of the 10 best games of Android. While at Apple Apps Store, this game has been downloaded 3 million times. Because of his success in 2011, this game has a sequel, namely Cut The Rope: experiments, game developers published by his own, still in the mobile application platform.

The team of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Zeptolab (game developers) as well as specialists from Pixel Lab team then work together to bring this game to the browser platform. The team performed a ported version of the IOS and conduct extensive investigations to Objective-C code base. From IOS version there are 15 thousand lines of code for the physical, animation, and drawing machine. To port Objective-C to Java Script, the team needs a port code from the OpenGL graphics API to the HTML5 Canvas. The result, gaming Cut The Rope appear in the graph canvas is softer, with clearer audio and a larger screen. Desktop version of the game's official browser release in January 2012.