Monday, July 16, 2012

How to differ Original Windows

If you use windows you and use internet connection, you will ask through the internet if your windows really original. For using windows 7 or above you will ask through the internet and to fill your product ID. Other ID will merge automatically if your windows is original. Don't forget after your original windows is installed into your computer you must register your windows online, means that you must connected with internet. After installed you just have 2 weeks after installed, if you forget to register your windows that windows will claim that your product is not original anymore. After your register online you will get stamp original online from Microsoft such as below picture.

To see this stamp on your computer, you can check directly or register your windows from here: click Start menu then right click on Computer and you can see many thing there and if you don't register yet you can click register online. And after register you just see as on the below picture, you will not see sentence register online anymore.

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