Monday, January 18, 2010

Sandra Dewi Viruses

You will be tricked by the word of ”Sandra Dewi Nude”, she is a beauty artist of Indonesia and she is a top artist right now. You will be tricked by the word of Nude and you want to open the file, “don’t” that is a virus. Those viruses is spread using USB flask disk.

Don’t open it, or try to see Sandra Dewi in Nude or “Sandra Dewi Bugil” if you see this message, just deleted. This viruses spread using removable disk/USB as a transfer media. Norman Security Suite detect this virus Sandra Dewi varian with name W32/Obfuscated.Bigenr. On the script of this virus also merge a name of STMIK PPKIA one of the college name in East Kalimantan of Indonesia.

Feature of this virus as follows:
  • Have file size about 132 kb
  • Have a file type “Application.”
  • With extension .exe
  • Have icon JPEG picture
This viruses is created using visual basic program, if this virus infect then will copy them selves with name of:
  1. C-Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe (on all of drive root)
  2. C-Documents and Settings-%user%-Start Menu-Programs-Startup-Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe
  3. C:-WINDOWS-Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe
  4. C:-WINDOWS-system32- Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe
  5. Create a file duplication on every forlder on the removable drive/usb.
This Sandra Dewi virus will view of message before login: like on the picture that is mean: “Very painful if our love being refuse, formerly people using black magic as a media to get their love. As the improvement on technology people using virus to get their love.”

Generally this virus is not destroy the system but just disturb. Virus will try to block of several windows function. Windows function that block such as:
  • Folder Options (to prevent from see of hidden file)
  • Registry Editor (to prevent on recovering system registry)
  • Search/Find (to prevent from cleaning viruses)
  • Command Prompt (to prevent kill virus)
  • Task manager (prevent from monitoring virus)
  • Control Panel (to prevent from control access from OS computer)
  • MsConfig/System Configuration Utility (prevent to access on startup)
  • Disable right click on the desktop
  • Disable “All Program” on Start Menu
  • Disable Lof Off/Turn Off on Start Menu

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Connect Two Computer Over Internet

If you save your data in the computer A, you can take the data from other place directly using internet. Pricipally you can communication between your computer over internet. You can connect to local drive or network print using internet connection. Usually people want to running database that use up to date or want to access and update their data.

The procedure on how to connect two computer using internet as follows:
  • Make sure that both computer have TCP/IP address and NetBEUI protocols have installed and function properly. If don't have, you can setup network using TCP/IP address manually.
  • Make sure that "Remote Access Service" are setup and function properly.
  • Findout the IP address of computer that you'd like to connect. You can search this IP address using network icon in the Control Panel. For example: ""
  • Set file sharing enable and share a path of your choice on computer A. For example share as "C:\" as "Internet_Drive"
  • Log both computer on to internet through service provider.
  • Go to computer B's "DOS?Command Prompt" and type as follows:
  • NET USE X:\\\Internet_Drive
  • If you get a user name/password or logon error, use the command instead (after replacing noname with the actual user name and password with the matching password):
  • NET USE X:\\\Internet_Drive/User:Noname Password
  • This will map computer B's drive X to computer A's shared path Internet_Drive, which computer A's C: drive.
Good Luck to try, if you have success to connect your computer you can try other tips on how to hiding password from hacker.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Windows XP Black

New windows have been release, windows XP black. This windows have similar feature with the last windows xp, just using animation icon that can become bigger when our mouse is closser to the icon. I am really interested to this kind of animation because some database program also use this kind of feature to make their program interested.

Are this windows is provided with this feature to help us create this kind of animation to our program, I really don't know yet. Some new feature more suitable use for person who often use of webcam or other updated tool to use computer like email and internet.

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