Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Connect Two Computer Over Internet

If you save your data in the computer A, you can take the data from other place directly using internet. Pricipally you can communication between your computer over internet. You can connect to local drive or network print using internet connection. Usually people want to running database that use up to date or want to access and update their data.

The procedure on how to connect two computer using internet as follows:
  • Make sure that both computer have TCP/IP address and NetBEUI protocols have installed and function properly. If don't have, you can setup network using TCP/IP address manually.
  • Make sure that "Remote Access Service" are setup and function properly.
  • Findout the IP address of computer that you'd like to connect. You can search this IP address using network icon in the Control Panel. For example: ""
  • Set file sharing enable and share a path of your choice on computer A. For example share as "C:\" as "Internet_Drive"
  • Log both computer on to internet through service provider.
  • Go to computer B's "DOS?Command Prompt" and type as follows:
  • NET USE X:\\\Internet_Drive
  • If you get a user name/password or logon error, use the command instead (after replacing noname with the actual user name and password with the matching password):
  • NET USE X:\\\Internet_Drive/User:Noname Password
  • This will map computer B's drive X to computer A's shared path Internet_Drive, which computer A's C: drive.
Good Luck to try, if you have success to connect your computer you can try other tips on how to hiding password from hacker.