Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free Base Program of Microsoft

As the latest news about the microsoft company lately, I feel sorry to this company, the news said that Microsoft facing on crisis right now. If this is right, I think Microsoft shoul be careful on creating or developing their office like Ms. Office 2007 and Ms. Office 2010 that will release in the near future.

I think better if Microsoft develop a new base program similar windows but everyone can use free like Linux, but the application just can use this base program and should pay for of course. Microsoft can develop just email that base on this base program, or video player and many others, or people can develop their program by their self to this base program.

The concept just provide the base program and people can use it, microsoft on this matter just provide a service that people will modificate or course on many how to, but they must pay for this. Microsoft may will not as the biggest income on this matter but can give others the same benefit and we are all can survive. This is just my oppinion on avoid of income monopoly.