Thursday, June 25, 2009

Office 2007 Convert To Office 2003

We are mostly more familiar with office 2003 than office 2007. Office have menu that very different looking compare with office 2003, so we feel difficult to customize file and using this new office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others. Although we actually usually have use those available function but if look on the new arrangement we feel very strange and sometime make frustration for learn more detail.

Don’t to worry about this new looking that make we more confused, we can change this looking into the last office that we usually used such as on office 2003. You can change this view with UbitMenu to convert form looking of office 2007, than you will get the same view as office 2003 and no frustrate or too long for learn new office and easily for getting toolbar or menubar that is usually used.

Unfortunately this UbitMenu is not free yet, and sell using license. This UbitMenu is sell with € 10 (~$ 13.50) per company, and available for each basic language, and will add other cost if you have many user in your office, per user will charge for € 0.65 (~$ 0.88).

This application is very small and can be installed in a few second, and will not change the available menu as on this new office. Using this UbitMenu just adding new ribbon menu, and will not disturb to the office itself.

If you that will make you more hard because of adding for new expense, so don’t worry again, Microsoft just launce of new office version, Office 2010. What is available on this new version, I will discussed later, and hope will helpful for our you that don’t familiar with office 2007.

Just my advise, learn for new type more better than we buy for just can use by old version, because all will change to new version, and you still use old version looking. So others will say to you for ancient people type.