Sunday, September 3, 2017

Outlook 2010

Release New Outlook EMail

Microsoft release new outlook version, after the last version of office 2007. Microsoft release new version of outlook. Actually we all still confused using of different style as on office 2007, and many people use back of their office of 2003 after try and there are many different in the opening style. New style of office 2007 and many different on the opening page make user more late to use and customize their file or article.

Many news and article about this new outlook version, some say that in this new outlook 2010, more useful for work across the PC, phone and browser. Integrated with Exchange, will continue to improve productivity with ultimate inbox experience, and may contain many of new technologies such as:
  1. Mail Tips: Before sending mail there is a warm for people who is out of office, and more protect from spam mail.
  2. Conversation management: More easy to categorize email, provide with new tools like clean up and Ignore, and can reduce inbox clutter or to ignore of irrelevant e-mail.
  3. Familiar Outlook Experiences on Web and Mobile: have the same function with PC email additional function but can browse using our Hand Phone.