Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check 100 Url Result in Just one Click

When you check some website with certain keyword using your browser, you always get just 10 data of every page and may be you want to check your website availability on the web server and want to know in what position now. Of course there is a certain tool to check this but I this is not simple because you must go to their site and then type your url address on their website tools.

You can change the visibility of your Google toolbar through directly to change this view. Then see on the right side there is “advance search” click this link and you can change the result search to 100 url address. On this tool you can also set language result and file format, and if just search on the certain domain you can fill this column bar by your domain.

As an example I want to search with a keyword “Novel Best Seller” using Indonesian Language with 100 url result then I can see on where position of my Novel The K located. And then I see my “Novel the K” using keyword Novel Best Seller still on the first position.

You can check on the link below what is the position now by click the link below: