Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Make Computer Working Properly

Computer is divided into two main parts, the first part is hardware, circuit electronic components that combine and can make an everything work as the command received, from one part can send the command to every unit on the computer. The second part is software that contains of command program to ask the component can work as the function, this program also can arrange other program to work. The program that is used to make certain hardware working called as Driver.


The complex system on the computer can create a problem on their work and difficult to analyze. The problem itself can come from the hardware itself or software on the computer. So the source of the problem sometime can't be detect using software that available on the computer, for this reasons sometime we ask to experience people to repair the problem. Computer with broken hardware sometime can't detect a broken software because they can't work as usual, even can't be turn on.


Currently available tools or software that is used detect or check the function of every hardware and software on your computer. Are they all have worked properly? For this purpose, you can use certain software to scan your computer, or even you can use free scan software.