Monday, June 30, 2008

Customize Fill Color to Object

Next, you can apply a customized fill color to the oceans object.
  • Click the Pick tool.
  • Click the object texture-filled ocean to select it.
  • Click Edit menu, Copy.
  • Click Edit menu, Paste.
  • Open the Interactive Fill fly-out, and click the Interactive Fill tool.
  • Opens the Interactive Fill fly-out, which contains the Interactive Fill tool and the Interactive Mesh Fill tool.
    Lets you apply fills using the mouse. The direction and position of the fills are controlled using fill arrows, which can be dragged across the surface of the selected object.
  • From the Fill Type list box on the Property Bar, choose Uniform Fill.
  • From the Uniform Fill type list box, choose CMYK.
  • In the C box, type 100.
  • In the M box, type 0.
  • In the Y box, type 0.
  • In the K box, type 0.

Create Transparent Water

Now, you can add a uniform transparency to the water using the Interactive Transparency tool. The transparency is applied on top of any other attributes, such as texture, that are applied to the object.

  • Click here to preview how the globe will look after you follow these steps.
  • Click the Pick tool.
  • Click the uniform blue water object.
  • Click the Interactive Transparency tool.
    Lets you apply uniform, fountain, texture, and transparencies to objects.
    From the Transparency Type list box on the Property Bar, choose Uniform.
  • Click the Pick tool.
  • Drag the continents object over the water object so that the objects overlap completely.
  • Click Arrange menu, Order, To Front.
  • Click the Pick tool.
  • Marquee-select all of the globe objects.
  • On the Property Bar, click the Group button.

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