Monday, June 30, 2008

Create Swirl Object

Next, you can create a swirled base for the globe.
Open the Object flyout, and click the Polygon tool. Opens the object flyout, which contains the Polygon tool, Spiral tool, and Graph Paper tool. Lets you draw polygons, stars, and polygons as stars by dragging the mouse.
  • Click on the Drawing Page, and drag to draw a polygon.
  • In the Number Of Points On Polygon box on the Property Bar, type 6.
  • If the polygon looks like a star, enable the Polygon/Star button on the Property Bar. Lets you specify whether the shape is a polygon or a star.
  • In the Object(s) Size Width box on the Property Bar, type 2.
  • In the Object(s) Size Height box, type 4.

Open the Interactive Fill flyout, and click the Interactive Fill tool. Opens the Interactive Fill flyout, which contains the Interactive Fill tool and the Interactive Mesh Fill tool. Lets you apply fills using the mouse. The direction and position of the fills are controlled using fill arrows, which can be dragged across the surface of the selected object.

  • Click the polygon once to select it.
  • Click at the top point of the polygon and drag straight down, releasing the mouse button at the bottom point of the polygon. Click here to see how to use the Interactive Fill tool.
  • From the on-screen Color Palette, drag a dark blue color onto one of the square fill handles, then drag a light blue color onto the other square fill handle. Click here to see how to change the gradient fill colors.
  • Open the Outline tool flyout, and click No Outline.
  • Opens the Outline flyout, which lets you customize outline attributes such as color, width, style, nib shape, and arrowheads. Lets you remove the outline from the selected object.

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