Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Email Viruses

There are several kind of email viruses. Virus FedEx often attack Yahoo email through packed item that they offer through yahoo email user. User will not suspicious because FedEx is a well-known packet sender. Through their letter they will write with a wrong spell like as follows:

“The parcel was sent to your home adress, and it will arrive within 5 buisness days. More information and the parcel tracking number are attached in document below.

Thank you,
Federal Express Canada Ltd and FedEx All right reversed. @1955-2011 FedEx”
  1. There are two wrong spelling on the letter, adress and buisness, it should be address and business.
  2. Email was sent to but can be reached me or you, so this email sometimes include on spam message.
  3. If this file be download the attachment that contain FadEx there is message from Norton antivirus that indicate the file contain virus.
To you that receive email from FedEx should beware of unfriendly email. Some people have tried to download this file but contain Trojan Virus, and more dangerous if contain Malware virus or Spy virus that can