Saturday, November 5, 2011

In Order Your Data’s Saves From All Kind Viruses

This tips are very simple and easy to run on your computer so just read all this tips as below.

To keep the data is the activity always does by computer user. Usually all data’s are kept in hard drive like hard disc, flash disc etc. But if our data’s are attack by viruses its become big problem, especially if the data is very important.

The virus development currently very fast, so we also should be smart on facing this. One of to overcome this is not using antivirus, because the weakness of antivirus sometime make the data that attack by virus can be saved. So this is the tips to save the data without antivirus. This tips suitable for keeping the data on flash disc.
  1. Compress the data using winzip or winrar before keep on flash disc, because viruses can’t infect file on *.zip.
  2. Keep your data especially the type result on text format, *.txt, by using notepad program. Copy all type result on this program and save it. Virus can’t infect file with text format.
  3. Keep the data with html format, by saving document using save as and change the format file by choosing html before click save.
That all the simple tips to save your data save from viruses attack. Check for other tips: