Saturday, June 11, 2011

The End of PC Era

The end PC era will begin today. If the PC era will end so what the substitute of PC? Microsoft has iPad-style tablets and all in one PCs skin to HP’s TouchSmarts. Popular apps such as e-mail and spreadsheets will need more than a minor rethinking to go touch only. Post PC era will to take giant step into other kind of software that can replace windows system.

Microsoft also will release new software to anticipate this era, Windows 8 and probably a preview version will release as soon. Apple will release next version of OS X (operating system that is used by Macs) and iOS (operating system that power to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), as well as a new internet service called iCloud.

Software war will begin this year, and they also will work together with other hardware company to produce a product that not need to install software and always upgrade that sometime make bored and unpracticed, all computer producer will release new product that always include software inside but with cheap price, so the company that just sold software will difficult to get customers.

New computer design will design and they are different with the old one and don’t need software to upgrade and they are integrated with telephone and electronic equipment that don’t need software and with competitive price. What this kind product we’ll see on the future.