Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prevent Merge of Original Windows Warning

If you use not original windows and you set your windows to automatically update, then your computer will install of all windows updated component automatically. After your windows download from internet then before your computer shutdown will install automatically all everything update component. But after all component install your desktop computer will have warning sign before you logon and after logon to certain user name. This is happened also when you not automatically but you download the update component like on the picture below.

Then after update all windows component you will get warning as on the picture below:

WgaLogon.dll have effect will show windows warning just before you logon to certain account name or certain user and WgaTray.dll will affect your window have warning after you logon to certain user or account name. After you rename this both file into other name for example you add character to origin name become WgaLogon111.dll and WgaTray111.dll, the effect will no merge anymore.

New windows component may still usable for our computer because sometime there are application that should use new windows component, to make your windows updated but actually enough once for a year, and after you install all windows component manually you can set your computer into "Turn off automatic update" on your windows update.

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