Monday, July 26, 2010

Store And Keep Your Email

You do not need to save your email individually as your documents, beside this need more time and wasting time. Actually if you have use outlook, outlook has keep your email address book and all of email in certain document. You can find all your email address on mailbox.pab file and your all email communication store in pst file. If you have other name of email address or you need to create new name for this pab file, you can create new one and you can store on certain place. If you have created address book file and store in your office, you also can send this document to your home also you can send all your email communication to other your mail at your home. You can save it and use it for your purpose someday.

You can’t send this file directly by using outlook like use on the insert menu, insert file and chose this kind of file. You must create zip file and accumulate all your pab and pst file on this new box, and then you can send this file through your mail. At your home you can import all this file through your outlook by using this procedure:
  • On the tools menu, click email account and then you can add or view your address book or your email account.
  • If you want to use those new pst and pab you must extract first your zip file into your documents folder. After that you can add a new directory or address book from this new pop up window.