Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Google Machine Remember

How computer Google index every your articles and keep remember your article address?
I think you all already familiar with your computer work, your computer can search the file and then piling the file in order.

If you see the result of search it will arrange by alphabetic, not by the size of the file or from the how much time this file open, or from the last time file being open like on the history. Then you observe on word, open blank your blank Words and click file then scroll down your mouse then you will see like as my example bellow:

This word document shows the 4 of last file being opened. The last file I opened is Polyvinyl b, before that I open Polyvinyl Alkyl Ethers until four file, actually you can set how much the number of the last file open here.

By those two examples there are two different methods show on your computer how they search by different order. Google also has different method to show what file can view in the first page and how to order this. Google always change the method because of their capacity and their company interest of course, what can make them more benefit. People just make a prediction and assumption, but I just think that Google index machine will work by limitation of dept link, because often time there are reversible link, if no limitation can make the program running on and make them non stop iteration.

From my observe Google make just two search of dept link, because when I link to one file, then other file also being index and show in this file but the second link dept from other file is not merge. This is just my observe, you may have different experience on this can share your experience here.

Then I experience again, I created a Link in my document in Polyvinyl b, in this document I created link with name Polymer that link to Polyvinyl Alkyl Ethers, then I open this file from this link and I close Words and look again on the words order. The order is not changed, word is not calculate this opening. The order is not placed Polyvinyl Alkyl Ether on the top position but still polyvinyl b as I open first time. Then I open again my file with title “Cat Problems” in other server and I look again on Blank Words to see how they order. They are placing it “Cat Problems” on the first place. Other try I open file from my search result, like on the first time I search with keyword “polyvinyl”, from this word also placed this open in the top as the last open.

So I think Google also will recognize it if you open your url address from search result other than from link, link just make them will create the existence of those file on Google search engine.