Monday, April 12, 2010

Faster Looking For File

We sometimes wasting time just to look for a certain file on our server, even the file have been keep on the file folder. We can make this more brief and efficient by using file management that already available on office like word and excel, if on file footer add the location of where the file saved.

To create automatically of file location on our document footer, follow the step below:

 Working with word document:
  • Click on View menu and choose Header and Footer
  • Click in where this file location will merge: in Header or in Footer, to switch between header and footer just click on icon like this one,
  • Then insert the Autotext on the new toolbar shown below and choose Filename and path.
  • Then every time you print out your document will shown the file location on your footer, depend to where you keep this address merge on your document.
Note: Your Document should have been saved on certain location first before use this procedure.