Sunday, December 20, 2009

Social Security Cyber Criminal

On the crisis world and difficulty to pretend the live better, more intelligent people using their ability to the criminal work, like reported on the science daily news said. Hacker spread of new spam campaign using false emails made to look like messages from Social Security Administration is capable of stealing Social Security numbers and downloading malware onto victims’ home computers.

Many nature disaster that happened on this world give an idea for cyber criminal to prey on victims concerns over money, promising Social Security payouts and tax breaks to victims that sign in to the criminals fake Social Security Webpages.

 They are spread a spam message to the victim directly and tell users that there are errors with their social security statement then asks them to link to false pages made to look like the Social Security Administration Web Site. These false pages ask users to enter their social security numbers before prompting them to download their fake statement.

 Actually they download a virus that can stealing every personal information available on that personal computers. This virus will get all of your personal information and infected your personal computer with serious malware that enables them to steal information and raid your bank and other accounts on your computers.

 We remind that computer users that no legitimate company or agency would ever ask users to update or review records via email, but instead would request they do so only through that company’s own Web site. E-mails requesting account updates should not be considered legitimate.

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