Thursday, August 7, 2008

File Management

You create a document and write something inside that document then save in certain place in your computer, after write anything on that document finished then you print the document. Tomorrow or some day you need to rewrite or repair something on that document, then you find out in the computer or looking for what is the file name that you have saved inside the computer.
Sometimes you forget either the name of those file or the document location of your file save to. Even you have the printed document you still hard to find the document name or file location. If you remember the file name exactly, may be you can find that file using search tools that is available at My computer or at My Documents, but if you forget the name sometimes wasting time to find out, especially if the file name is resemble each others. For resemble file name sometimes need more time to find out the file name, because must open and close of certain file name or using try and error method, that sometimes is wasting time.

To make more efficient on find the file name, you can use insert footer in the document and write down the file name and the file location you save, such as C:\Document and Setting\Barbara\My Documents\File Management.doc. If you write this name every time you created documents, may be you will boring and also can make a mistake, even when you have write the file name and sometimes you move the file location or change the file name so that way will not accurate again, and this way sometimes don’t match between footer name and the real location and real document name.

To manage file avoid the problem you can use the simple way by insert in on your footer using this way:

If you use Words, on insert menu, click field then choose FileName in field names, then choose what the format you want in the field properties and then check the box path to merge the complete path on your file name such like this: C:\Documents and Settings\Barbara\My Documents\File Management.doc.