Friday, May 2, 2008

Laptop DVD-R/ROM Problem

If you have a DVD Rom or DVD R on your laptop sometimes get a problem when running a CD, this problem sometimes is not cause of your DVD drive damage. Look your CD, if your CD can run in other PC DVD-Rom but can't run in your laptop DVD drive, this can cause of some reasons.

The first possibility problem is your Laptop DVD drive damage, but if your DVD drive can run other CD, this is really not cause of your DVD drive. Look to your CD, sometimes people is stick paper label on the other CD surface. This sticker sometimes disturbs your drive, and because your drive can't run fast enough to read the data in your CD, and the drive deciding to stop running. The result is your drive will don't read anything on the CD, and if you try to browse the CD drive will look empty or no data read. The construction of CD or DVD driver for laptop is very thin; the gap between CD and the upper drive body is just one millimeter so the CD should be very smooth to run in full speed. Stick out the label from your CD may overcome the problem on your drive.

If the problem still available, this may because of other matter on your drive. Better to read the specification of your DVD drive in more detail.