Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Organizing Email using Outlook and Outlook Express

When you send email for many people sometimes makes me confused or make wrong name if you don't organized first your email. To anticipate this condition you can create many Groups of Email Address on your contact persons data. First you must insert all your contact or create new contact on your Outlook.

To insert email contact from email received:
  • Open email on your inbox
  • Right click in the From Tab then click Add to Address book
  • If you add your contact with the same name and email address, then will any warning like this
  • Organize Your Address Book:
  • Click Addresses on the tool bar or on the tools menu click Address Book
  • In the pop up menu click New then choose New Group or click on the File menu on Address book menu pop up then click New Group.
  • Then fill Group Name
  • Click Select Member
  • Find the Name and Email Address that suitable with your group then click Select
  • After Finished click OK Button.
After you create your group you can send email to your group name, after sent every name on your group name will received your email.