Saturday, April 20, 2013

Windows 7 Problem

When your windows 7 have problem and make internet explorer don't want to open internet explorer. Every time you open web page they always ask something to confirm, and they said that not recommended to open, but must click this to open webpage, otherwise you will close your internet explorer. After you open internet explorer also always have warning about certificate expired and can't open if you are not confirm that contain message of dangerous to open.

Check your computer date, may be your computer reset by themself when your computer low bat. You must set your computer date and time again. After you set again same with the current day, those warning will not merge again. A simple solving the problem, other people can advise very complicated and can make other problem merge. Good luck.

The next article is about not genuine windows message merge in desktop.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Buy Original WIndows

This is my experience when buy original windows in the market. Even you can buy an original windows in market actually you still can't guarantee that your window can work as original one, especially if you don't install your window program by yourself. It is possible that your windows product key already stolen, so you can run your windows update online smoothly. Even you tried to enter your window product key as sticked on the disk but you can run your update online.

Duplicate product key have been record on internet so that your windows will indicate as coppied or not original windows. The product key of your windows actually can be ask dirrectly in internet if any other same number on the internet then your product key actually have been use by another. Be careful before you buy original windows.

There is specific way to identify the original your windows online. How to Validate Windows 7 to check the authenticity of the Windows 7 Operating System you using?  An easy way to see if the Windows 7 Original software is original must pass test in an oline services of the Genuine Microsoft Software.